A Moment of Respect

The beautiful game for those that understand it is more than just a game. Today greats took to the pitch in what was last years Champions League final match of Juventus vs Real Madrid.

From an early age this game as they call it takes precedence to anything. I have walked out on jobs because silly Americans don’t understand the importance of changing the channel to a World Cup match. It’s a blessing to know the passion and I can’t expect the average the understand.

As a lady however I have found that having to tap into other talents is a must. Being a fashion writer Scene&Style was on site at a fashion show earlier for my inspiration, designer Denise Hajjar. It was a glamours, high end tea time. I love what I do yet it was humbling to have her beau Mr. Mario tell me he can see it in my eyes when I tell him today is a big day in the North End for a football match.

As I have mentioned many times before, I am generally the only girl in the cafe for the games and today I was the lady. I play, I’m a baller and I train. Yet I’m a fashionista so put me in some heels and snake skin leather pants with a fur trimmed jacket, matching hand bag, nails and lipstick and I gain some different attention. I most certainly enjoyed the, “Ang you looking amazing and the typical whistles as I remove my jacket to take my seat.

Yet, they all know I fall right into place. I FaceTime with my sister for life Kylie playing professionally in Prog, texting back and fourth with a forever Dri who now plays for New Jersey Sky Blue FC. Again, the Boston Breakers folding is another struggle for another day.

I always eat up the attention of new comers as Cafe Dello Sport is top of the list for places to watch a match. Their awe in seeing a bella in heels on her feet as they play the Champions League anthem where the greats are honored, a moment I refuse to miss.

Kickoff; I feel the vibe of nothing but European language being spoken around me. The pride we all feel wether we are Milan, Napoli, Roma yet today we are all Italian and bleed Juventus except of course the actual Madrid fans there to support their colors.

The beautiful thing about football is it will never leave you as long as you live it. Yet, it sure can break your heart in a split second. In my generation, the mans name is Cristiano Ronaldo.

He is one of my favorite players to watch; his skill, his physique, his foot skill, his snooty ass attitude. My love for Real Madrid, I root for them all too often. My boyfriend Sergio Ramos, the creativity and composure of Marcelo, their midfield unbreakable, their bench a mile long, Benzema a legend.

I was so pumped for this match, full of inspiration, the cafe exuding confidence. Juve comes out solid, possession of the ball, solid play and then damn you! A sigh of DAMN YOU Ronaldo with a smile. Three minutes in the the man comes out of no where and with the slightest of touches, the outside of the foot puts in one of those impossible goals to the far side netting. 1-0 Real Madrid.

Something like that so early on can impact a match. This was a quarterfinal match and the relay of the final from last year for Champions League and it’s never over until the final whistle.

Juve took it to a mixture of the worlds best players, had the percentage of possession, shots on net, just inches off and looking to connect. They had Real Madrid nervous in Turin, Italy even with their 1-0 lead going into halftime.

Commentators saying, “If Juventus connects Madrid will lose, Madrid will not overcome the play of the Italians.” With the way the “Old Lady” of football came out in the second half; again passion, iconic defense, smart style but again DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU Cristiano Ronaldo yet with pure silence and all having a respectful smile.

In the 61st minute of a match Juventus had dominated; Madrid finds a breakaway; quick one, two, three, passes with a loaded shot yet the worlds best goal keeper Gigi Buffon makes the impossible save. The cafe erupts, “GGGIIII GGGGIIII” all to end with pure silence. Somehow the ball gets crossed back into the Juventus box. Absolutely in my opinion; the globes best player, talent that demands attention, Cristiano Ronaldo stuns the world and does it with class.

Moments earlier in the match he put a ball just wide of the far post with deep breaths taken by all, he kicks the boards out of frustration right in front of the Juventus fans who taunted him loud and clear.

This beautiful game we love, businesses close all over the world on Sundays for church and their local matches, a lifestyle, a passion that only the blessed know.

In the 61st minute during the quarterfinal of the Champions League one of the greatest players to ever play the game did what the greats do, create a magical moment.

The ball comes flying back into the box after a miraculous save from the Juventus goalkeeper and Ronaldo pulls out the classic bicycle kick goal in one of a kind fashion. It was amazing, the Italians in the cafe silenced all with a smile for the beautiful game.

My heart sank for the Azzuri yet I had such a smile on my face. It’s something that has no words, it’s a peace in the soul that only the elite understand. A feeling that comes over your body knowing you just saw history take place.

In a world so cold for the opponent, they all felt the beauty and rose to their feet and applauded in respect. Ronaldo in turn gave the same and with his hand over heart, his crest and took a bow. A special moment that doesn’t happen often. A player known for such an attitude and fans that are monsters come together in a moment of pride and respect.

The match was over from that moment. The legendary Gigi Buffon stood stunned, the players all with a smirk wether it be in their favor or just buried the game for them, it was a moment to remember, respect for a player that deserved it.

A game that Juventus had full control over was taken by a man, a moment in history, a reason to smile why we all sacrifice what we do for Il Bel Gioco.